Connect Your Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more to come.
A simple and secure process.


Discover Important Moments

Slim sorts through your social networks and discovers engagements, job promotions, childbirths and more.

Never miss out

Never Miss Out Again

Slim sends daily updates so you don't miss important events in your colleagues, friends, and family's lives.

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Personalized Alerts

Use Slim's powerful filtering technology to find mentions of specific keywords in your social networks. Useful for professionals looking for a lead, keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams and many other uses.

All in one Posting

Update all your networks at once. Post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn easily and quickly from one place.

Customize your feed

Select the 'up' or 'down' arrows to teach Slim the types of updates you'd prefer to receive.

Popular stories

Keep up with popular stories by viewing the most liked and commented posts, pictures and tweets.

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