Who do I contact if I have problems with my account?

For any questions regarding your account, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to respond promptly.


How does slim ensure privacy?

We believe that your data should be protected. Every decision we make is with your privacy in mind. You can link and un-link networks at any time, from any device, and all data will be promptly and permanently removed. Slim maintains strict internal policies and controls to ensure the highest level of security possible.


How does slim use my information?

We only store information you knowingly provide to us. Users give permissions to access data from services during the initial setup. Slim requests information in order to improve its service to you. Slim will never sell personal information and will never share it with any third parties.


Does slim own any of my information?

Users own rights to any content created on Slim. We only access information that users knowingly provide us and we do not own any user-generated content.


How do I use slim?

Download the latest version of the app, connect your social networks, and let the magic of Slim come to life.


What social networks does slim support?

Currently, Slim supports Facebook, Twitter ,LinkedIn and Instagram. We will soon be integrating other networks such as Google+, Salesforce and Evernote.


How much will it cost?

Slim is free of charge.


Does slim support multiple accounts?

Slim will be able to support multiple users in the near future.  


What platform is Slim available on?

Slim is currently available on the iPhone and on any device through our Web App: http://app.slim.io We are are in the process of developing an Android version.


Which languages does slim support?

Slim discovers updates written in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Hebrew. We are constantly working on enabling more languages. If you have a request, let us know! [email protected]


How do I turn on/off push notifications?

Upon installation of Slim, you will be prompted with a request to accept push notifications. If you wish to change your push notification settings,
select: (Settings --> turn push notifications On or Off)


How do I turn on/off email notifications?

Slim automatically sends weekly email notifications. If you wish to change your email notifications settings to receive daily emails or to turn the email notification feature off,
select: (Settings > Daily Email On) or (Settings > turn email notifications Off)


How do I use personalized alerts?

Search your social networks by specific keywords and set up personalized alerts,
select: (Settings > Notifications > Search by keyword)


How do I post to multiple networks at once?

Compose a message and update all your networks at once, select: (Main menu > Compose)


How do I customize my feed?

Manage the amount of information you receive from each of your contacts, by selecting the up or down arrows located on the upper right corner of the Update Screen